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5 Elements provides basic 5 ingredients in the field of multi-faceted Business Solutions, Outsourcing, Technology services, Support and Training across many industries for customer's ultimate success.

5 Elements is a leading player in Global consulting, Business Process Outsourcing and Information Technology services Company based in Santa Clara, California (USA). Driven by a team of passionate human elements, 5 elements is committed to providing business solutions at each and every stage of implementation and support. Combining business acumen and global competencies across all industries and functions, we enable our clients to take competition and challenges in business head on.

At 5 Elements, we are committed to delivering the state of art business services, completely customized to our client requirements. Be it business functions or handling complex projects, we help you to derive the optimum value and the bottom line that you always strive for.

Whether there is need for diversification, innovation or strategic change, in 5 elements, through Transformation process, Critical Business Support and Management Intervention we enable you to be the game changer in the industry.

Our Corporate Motto

"Commitment is our Legacy"

A Culture rooted in Shared Values. 5 Elements' vibrant company culture is based on 10 shared values are:

  • The shared belief of Ownership and Commitment inspiring us to achieve the vision.
  • Integrity and Excellence ensuring optimum service standard.
  • Speed and Execution providing a headstart.
  • Respect and Dignity enabling us to value relationships and last but not the least,
  • A sense of Pride and Passion drives us to walk that extra mile.


5elements mission is to empower companies with consulting, outsourcing, technology service, support, and training required to achieve stability, growth and success.


5elements vision is to create the Eco-system to help accelerate companies succeed!